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Unplug from it all and enjoy the numerous benefits of heat and nature to recharge the body and soul in a traditional wood-fired, handcrafted sauna.

It’s off-grid, surrounded by unspoilt nature peacefully situated in Aldersroot Farm next to our private Priory Pond, which has been regenerated and brough back to life.

Nestled within an idyllic clearing, surrounded by a young forest and wildlife, our sauna seats up to 6 people, with a picturesque panoramic view looking out over the pond. Bathing in the heat, with the fire glimmering and steam rising, you can embrace the benefits to the mind and body through therapeutic passive heat and the exhilaration of cold-water therapy as you dip into the unspoilt pond.

Open all year around, available for private or community bookings for those looking to unwind, enjoy nature and to improve wellbeing.

All profit is lovingly ploughed back into the land and the Farm.

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